TAFC.2009.18 ~ International Masons Leathern Apron

International Masons leather apron.
A white leather apron edged in blue, with International Masons symbol (Square & Compasses above a key), all-seeing eye on flap.
Apparently a standard 3° member’s apron.

I bought this on eBay as a lot which included the fez, an Intl Masons apron, and another apron. See TAFC.2009.17 & .19

3 comments on “TAFC.2009.18 ~ International Masons Leathern Apron

  1. Vic Gatsby says:

    Its just a regular Master Mason Apron. Do you know what Lodge or State it came from? It should say on the fez.

    • The fez it came with was from Trenton, NJ. Not unreasonable to assume this was from the same Lodge.
      International Masons stuff is distinguished by the key beneath the S&C. And anytime you see a fez with a S&C on it, you can pretty well assume that it is clandestine—there aren’t any Regular jurisdictions that wear fezzes in the Lodge. In most cases, my guess is that that derives from association of African American clandestine masonry with so-called “Black Muslim” groups, many of whom are avid fez wearers, as well.

      • Vic Gatsby says:

        Actually those fezzes are worn for certain functions and for the Grand Lodge. The International jurisdiction actually derived from Scottish Rite. The gentleman who created International left Scottish Rite and formed this jurisdiction. International doesnt have a charted from the UGLE but MANY lodges of “recognized” jurisdictions dont either! International is one of if not the largest Masonic organization to date!

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