Various Fraternal Groups Photos

TAFC.2017.14 ~ International Association of Machinists, Salida Lodge No.512, Salida, CO


Albumen silver print mounted on heavy black card, midnight blue verso. Group portrait of Salida Lodge No.512 of the International Association of Machinists. Thirty-five men in several ranks, some kneeling, most standing, in front of a horse drawn float. The men mostly wear matching overalls and shiny, dark shirts, as well as matching bow ties (which come across as somewhat stiff, cheap, and false). The float has framed sides which are hung with probably red, white, and blue striped cloth with a star pattern. There are wooden workbenches along the sides, seemingly with machinery mounted to them. Pulleys are visible at the rear. A Lodge banner is held, dexter, showing the six-part IA of M cog emblem, with a curved compasses and square design at the center, obviously derived from the Masonic symbol. The banner reads “SALIDA LODGE NO.512” Horses are hitched, standing facing sinister. A two-story building is visible behind with decorative brickwork across the cornice.


TAFC.2017.15 ~ Brotherhood Railway Carmen of America, Crow Wing River Lodge No.134, Staples, MN


Silver print on decorative card mount. Standing group portrait of Crow Wing River Lodge No.134 of the Brotherhood Railway Carmen of America, located in Staples, Minnesota. 134 was chartered in 1901, giving a date range for the image. Eighteen men stand in front of a rail car, which appears to have an enclosed portion and a flatbed section with a large crane arm. A sign identifying the Lodge is hung on the side of the car, which shows the emblem of the order, a large hammer crossed with an s-wrench, with the acronym of the order arranged in the open wedges. The men are a mixed bunch, some in seemingly dirty workmen’s clothes, others in mediocre suits, and others in nicer suits. Their hats, similarly, are of mixed style.

The photo is a larger grey cabinet card (smaller end of Imperial), with an organic Art Deco framing element embossed and colored darker than the main card.


TAFC.2009.30 ~ International Order of Good Templars, White Banner Lodge, 1889

International Order of Good Templars, White Banner Lodge.

An albumen group portrait of some 20 men and women, seated and standing. They all wear the same long collars or vests, somewhat reminiscent of Odd Fellows. Most have an emblem of an anchor and a cross, with a heart shape at the center, as well as  a star somewhat above the crossed emblem. Those seated in the front row, as well as some standing, seem to have oval patches on the opposite lapel, each with two letters, probably denoting a particular office. One seated man holds a sign that reads “Logen Hvita Baneret 1889 5/5” This could roughly translate in Swedish or perhaps Icelandic (?) to White Banner Lodge, 5.May, 1889. Man seated at furthest right has an ornate fringe on his collar and a wealth of symbols: two stars (other apparent officers all seem to have one), a set of scales, anchor/cross inside of a heart, a patch or medal reading “FT” and two flower or sunburst medals. Some seemingly younger members have no visible medals or decorations on their collars. A warrant or charter, perhaps, hangs on the wall, behind.

Won on eBay.

TAFC.2011.9 ~ Fraternal Order of Eagles Marching in Detroit, 1932

Gelatin silver print, ferrotyped.

Oblique angel view of a formation of FOE members in fancy dress uniform parading in Detroit. They all wear a Zouave-inspired uniform, baggy pantaloons, spats, short jackets with cording and embroidery, and dark fezzes with light tassels. Down the button front of their shirts, veritcally, reads “DETROIT” and then beneath that reads “MICH”. One man is a pace ahead of the line, leading the procession. In the background can be seen architecture, including a tall tower, left, and the facade of a building with fluted neo-classical columns across center/right.

Verso has a wide array of stamps and inscriptions.


Inscriptions: “orgs Eagles Fraternal order of” “Detroit Convention” “Detroit Mich 82 F.O.E. Parade” “420”

There is also a recent adhesive sticker (seller, probably) reading “cas 691”

TAFC.2012.15-17 ~ Craftsman Club Marching Band in Schuylkill, PA Sesquicentennial Parade, 1926

Gelatin silver print.

View of a street decked in bunting and American flags, a parading marching band advances toward the camera. In foreground, a traffic sign consists of a battered block on the pavement with other towns listed on it, with an arrow pointing sinister. Atop the block is a tall rectangular box, painted white, with the words “CAUTION KEEP RIGHT” lettered on each side of it, suggesting that an intersection and perhaps a traffic circle. Parade is led by a man in black uniform, who appears to be a police officer or parade marshal.

Visible instruments include trombones, tubas, and other brass and horns. The band members are dressed in dark jackets, white pants, dark shoes, and light (grey or blue?) fezzes. The fezzes can be seen in high-res zoom to say “Craftsmans Club Phila.” in bullion block letters, with a wide diamond-shaped emblem in the center.

Lot of three photos, see TAFC.2012.16 & .17.

“Craftsmans Club” appears possibly to have been a fraternal organization for professional printmakers. Organized as the “Club of Printing House Craftsman” in NY in 1909.

TAFC.2012.32 ~ Degree Team of Drake Lodge No.3, Independent Order of Vikings, Chicago, 1908

TAFC.2012.32A Real Photo Post Card (RPPC) group portrait of the Degree Team for Drake Lodge No.3, Independent Order of Vikings, Lake View, Chicago, Illinois.

Photographic print process unknown, has a very dry, carbon-copy like surface. No emulsion evident.

Eleven men in group portrait, standing and seated in two rows. Ten of the men are in highly elaborate degree costume, reminiscent of fantasy-medieval “ancient” costuming common with groups like Knights of Pythias, etc. Man standing rear, center is in tuxedo. Behind them are two flags, viewer’s left almost certainly Norway, on right possibly Finland.

Verso is a handwritten message in brown ink, in Swedish. Addressed to Mr. J.E. Johnson of Coloma, Mich. 1¢ Franklin stamp is cancelled with date 1908.

This lodge is still in existence in Chicago, according to the IOV website:

TAFC.2012.33 ~ Improved Order of Redmen, Hurley, NM, ca.1920s


Early GSP (?)  group portrait of  twelve men in Improved Order of Red Men member buckskin regalia. All wear bucksins, sashes (some with officers’ emblems), and tall feather headdresses. Most are holding clubs, tomahawks, or spears, and the back row of men comically menace their seated fellows with their weapons.

They are seated and standing three-deep, with a fake campfire in front of them. An electrical cord can be seen trailing out of the top of the campfire, and a light comes from within, suggesting a light bulb. The back row of figures hold an American flag which appears to have star design that dates this photo between 1912-1956.

The men range in age from young (20-ish) to middle aged, and display various levels of interest in the photo. Few make eye contact with the lens.

Verso is handwritten in black ink pen: “Order of Redman / Hurley NM”

The image is developed off kilter and is markedly trapezoidal in shape, much taller on right than left.

TAFC.2015.3 ~ Grand Castle of Maine, Knights of the Golden Eagle, ca. 1915


Imperial card, albumen print group photo of the Grand Castle of Maine, Knights of the Golden Eagle. A group of about 40 men in dark suits, many in overcoats, many wearing hats. They stand on a stone stairway, leading up to a stone building with perhaps new-Classical detail. On the breast of nearly every man is visible a medal, consisting of a bar, with ribbon and pendant disk or button. Several of them also wear officer’s medals.

Front row, viewer’s right, a gentleman stands with his hands in his pockets, his coat pulled open, revealing a chain with fob, as well as several fraternal pins which are identifiable under magnification, including a Masonic Square & Compasses and an IOOF three link emblem.

Center, a man has hung a banner on a rod, supported by a cord, from a button on his overcoat, which reads in heavy block letters, “GRAND CASTLE OF MAINE KGE”

There is no local photographer’s Mark or stamp verso, and no inscription. There is no indication of location. The presence of the banner, which is very small and rather simple, if clearI wonder if this might be a photograph of a delegation to the Supreme Castle, perhaps in a larger city, evidenced by the far more urban architecture, as compared to the more modest buildings in TAFC.2015.1&2.

Mount is unusually heavy, standard grey surface, with a wide bevel at the edges. Mount measures 8×10.

TAFC.2015.5 ~ Knights of the Golden Eagle, Commandery Drills, ca. 1910


Imperial card, albumen photograph mounted on grey card with embossed framing device. View of a field with several buildings in the distance. About 15 men in standard, full fraternal knight uniform and regalia, including sword, sash, belt, and chapeau. They are kneeling in a circular formation. The kneeling Knights have their heads bowed, chapeaus in their left hands, positioned on their right shoulders. In the center stands another man in full uniform and a man in a suit and soft cap, holding a 46-star flag (1908-1912). Four Knights stand at salute (sword hilt below the chin, swords at 45°), in a square around the circle.

Verso, photographer’s stamp reads,


Scenic and Commercial Photographer

Bangor, Maine”

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