Craft Masonry Photos

TAFC.2009.9 ~ Raton Lodge (?) Photograph


Imperial card. Group portrait of 22 Masons in their aprons, surrounding an altar covered by a (Turkish?) rug or runner, the HB sitting open atop. The WM stands in the center, directly behind the altar, wearing a bowler. Gentleman to far right is in a wheelchair. Photo was been taken outside, probably at the lodge. The G hangs over the WM’s head, or may have been burned in in developing, as it appears to have no dimension.

I bought this from Old Town Antiques on 22.Feb.09.


TAFC.2009.28 ~ Portrait of a Worshipful Master


Albumen standing portrait of a Worshipful Master wearing the jewel of his office and a Canadian-style formal apron. He stands next to a low stone pillar or base, which appears to have a face or a lion carved into it.


TAFC.2009.137 ~ Stereoview of a Fallacious Masonic Degree Ritual

TAFC.2009.137 large

Hand-colored albumen stereoview of a Masonic initiation, or at least a fanciful recreation of one. (Doesn’t represent a real degree, may be an anti-Mason sensationalist fabrication.)

A group of men in aprons and sashes are gathered around a candidate who is dressed in a smock and wears a hoodwink. There are skulls strewn about, and a “Master” sits atop a black and white tiled platform. A Deacon seems to menace the candidate’s genitals with his red-tipped staff.

Inscription: verso in dark ink is a signature (owner? photographer?):

“JW Elmhurst”

Purchased from Old Town Antiques.

This is a very unique and important piece for the collection. For one, being a stereoview, it is very unusual. Additionally, the image is entirely fake. It has several hallmarks of a Masonic degree, in a certain way, but obviously was put together by someone who was not a Mason, and is probably an anti-Masonic fabrication. This image is part of a larger body of photographs that I have seen in reproduction on the internet, all equally “not quite right.” A wonderful piece!

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