Photographs make up the largest part of my collection, at least in sheer  numbers. I originally had decided to collect photographic group portraits, starting off early with yardlong photos of medical staffs, as well as a few high school sports team portraits from the 40s and 50s, stuff like that.

As I got into the idea more, however, I ran into an increasing number of group portraits of fraternal groups. It became obvious that it would make easy sense to focus my photo collecting on fraternal images.

I do still collect some non-fraternal images, especially yardlongs of military units from WWII and before (and for some reason I  have this lingering desire to land some yardlongs with railroad imagery, trains and workers).

Storage of photography is comparatively easy, though it does require proper materials. (See my discussion of collection storage for more details.) The notable exception in the ease of storage is indeed my yardlongs. If I were to have a box large enough to store some of those puppies, it would be an enormous box indeed, and then where do you keep that box? And building my own boxes in custom sizes/shapes isn’t a viable option for me at this time. My answer was to fashion a plexiglass “press,” think of it like a sandwich with plex bread and photo filling, which is compact but sufficient, and is held closed by Velcro strapping that adheres to the outside (hook side) and then straps around (fuzz side). It’s bad because it is not actually a full enclosure. It’s good because the size and price were right. The light preassure keeps the pieces in place, interleaved with acid free paper, and I can store the whole contraption on end, along side framed objects.

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  1. Jeff Duty says:

    I am Monarch of Sadir Khan Grotto her is Spokane Washington. We publish a quarterly magazine and I would love to print some historical photos of Grotto groups from the “glory days” so to speak. Would you be willing to share some photos for our Grotto “zine”? It would be greatly appreciated ! I would obviously give credit where it is due. I just happened on your page roaming around the web. Glad I found it!!!

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