.:Other Collections and Links:.

Seth Anthony’s Fez Museum – a collection of fraternal fezzes, spanning a multitude of American (and beyond?) groups

Masonic-Antiques.Com – a collector in Belgium, focusing on antique Masonic aprons and other unique, elegant crafted objects

The Phoenixmasonry Online Museum – by far the most expansive online museum of fraternal history and objects that exists on the web

The National Heritage Museum – a museum of American History and Culture, with a strong emphasis on American Fraternalism

The Masonic Library and Museum Association – “An international organization of librarians, archivists, curators, and directors.”

The Illinois Lodge of Research Online Museum – includes online galleries exhibiting a huge variety of objects from the panoply of Masonic organizations

The Henry W. Coil Library and Museum of Freemasonry – an excellent Masonic museum attached to the Grand Lodge of California

2 comments on “.:Other Collections and Links:.

  1. G says:

    In my family history research, I found a relative who died in 1941 that was a Daughter of Elks Lodge 231. She was Louise Patterson of Columbus, Ohio. Would you have pictures from that time period?

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