Ancient & Illustrious Order Knights of Malta Medals

TAFC.2016.63 ~ A&IOKM Field Day Ribbon, ca.1920s


Ancient & Illustrious Order Knights of Malta ribbon. A round, white celluloid pin with black emblem printed on it, the standard A&IOKM emblem: Maltese cross with eagles between the arms, a Latin cross in the center, here wrapped in a vine or roses, the motto “In Hoc Signo Vinces” around the inner perimeter of the circle. The lateral arms also have K and M on them, respectively.

The ribbon is split vertically, red and black, and printed in dull gold. “Annual Field Day. Ancient and Illustrious Order Knights of Malta. Harrisburg, PA.” The fly end is swallowtail cut.




TAFC.2016.64 ~ A&IOKM “AID” Ribbon, 1906


Ancient & Illustrious Order Knights of Malta ribbon. A round white celluloid button is surrounded in a red and black ribbon rosette and a yellow metal frame, with dark blue (probably faded from black) A&IOKM emblem printed on it: Maltese cross with Eagles between the arms, a Latin cross in the center surrounded by stars and a vine or roses, and the motto “In Hoc Signo Vinces.”

From the rosette pinback top hangs two straight ribbons; one red, printed in gold with, “A. & I. O. KNIGHTS OF MALTA. MAY 8, 1906” and one black, also printed in gold, “AID” in large letters and with a three-pointed decorative device on either side.



TAFC.2016.65 ~ A&IOKM 35th Grand Commander of Pennsylvania, 1927


Ancient & Illustrious Order Knights of Malta medal on a drape ribbon. Metal pinback top, black and red ribbon with gold lettering, and enameled pendant medal cross.

Pinback top has scrollwork top and bottom. An eagle holds a wreath, behind which is a wide panel landscape showing buildings on either side of a canal with vessels passing—the Erie Canal. An arched element reads “WELCOME” over the eagle. Below the wreath is a shield with American flag Stars and Stripes. The drape ribbon is split vertically red and black, typical of A&IOKM regalia. Gold lettering reads, “35th Annual Convocation of the Grand Commandery of Penna. A.& I.O.K. of M. Erie, PA. 1927”

Medal is an A&IOKM cross, cast with highly detailed relief in bronze metal, with eagles between the arms, which are decorated with white enamel. Center circle is white enamel and reads “In hoc Signo Vinces” around a crowned cross emblazoned with red enamel. Verso has the maker’s mark of Bastian Brothers, Rochester, NY.

(Apologies for the photo, I’ve found the white enamel very difficult to capture without glare!)


TAFC.2016.66 ~ A&IOKM 25th Grand Commandery of Pennsylvania, 1917


Ancient & Illustrious Order Knights of Malta medal on a ribbon fragment. Cast pewter or coin metal pinback top, a fragment of ribbon, and a cast metal cross pendant medal.

Pinback top is a broad oval with a Pennsylvania keystone elaboration on the border at the top. Low relief image of a medieval knight on horseback, with a flag or standard on a lance. Landscape includes a tower or castle on a hill, sinister, which might be a Templar fortress, possibly Acre. Legend across the top reads “A. & I. O. K. of M.” Legend across the bottom, “25th Convocation Grand Commandery PA.”

Ribbon is split vertically, black and red, standard of A&IOKM medals, but is fragmentary. It is still attached at the pinback top, but the bottom is ragged and ripped. A soft metal band has been added, piercing the ribbon and joining the cross medal below.

Cross medal is a more elaborate rendition of the Knights standard Maltese cross. Eagles are positions between the arms, which each have an image in relief inside them. Upper arm shows what is perhaps a heraldic device with three castle towers, three courses of masonry, three medallions. Lower arm has a paddle boat on the water. Dexter arm shows what is probably a schoolhouse, with a flag flying from a pole. Sinister arm has a church with a tall steeple.

Verso of the medal has text in relief: “1917. 25th Convocation Grand Commandery of Pennsylvania, A and I O K of M, Pittsburgh, PA” and probably a manufacturer’s mark “John Bain, Pittsburgh, PA” (or possibly Hain)


TAFC.2016.67 ~ A&IOKM Uniform Medal, unknown date

Ancient & Illustrious Order Knights of Malta uniform cross medal on drape ribbon. Pinback top is missing.

Drape ribbon is red with blue and white vertical stripes from top to bottom.

Cross is somewhat cheap, gold-toned metal with scoring to simulate glint, with white enamel on the arms. Center is red enamel with another complete cross, with Eagles between the arms, the legend “In Hoc Signo Vinces” in the center above a Latin cross.