.:Future Collecting:.

I plan to continue to grow my collection. I joke about the ABC: Always Be Collecting (in a nod to Glengarry Glen Ross, surely). I can’t forever continue the pace of my past collecting, however. There simply isn’t space in our little house for that much more “stuff,” and building on is a dream many years down the road. Focus is key. What am I most interested in expanding and refining as an area of collection?

One easy answer for me is that I want to continue to focus on Odd Fellows appendant bodies from the late 19th to the early 20th Centuries. It’s been some of the most interesting and rewarding work that I’ve done, and there is just so  much more research and discovery to be made in that area. Virtually nothing exists in the scholastic and reference literature in regards to OOH/OOH&P, Muscovites, UOSP, and so on. Since the numbers of individuals involved in these organizations can be well established to have been reasonably high, at least at certain points, I have difficulty explaining why there is essentially nothing written on them. Maybe they were better at keeping their mouths shut and their heads down. Or maybe the tensions between them and the IOOF umbrella put the kaibosh on it. I lean toward the latter. In any case, I plan to continue research on those IOOF appendants, and thus I plan to keep collecting them when I can.

In the fez department, there is very little left that surprises me. But I still occasionally see something new and wonderful.

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