Sciots Fezzes

The Ancient Egyptian Order of Sciots is a fraternal/social organization for Master Masons. The local unit is called a Pyramid, hence the design found on the front of their fezzes these days. (In the indeterminate past, their fezzes sported the emblem of their order which is an Egyptian concoction of bull head supporting a sun disk, over a staff with an animal head at one end and a flame at the other.) The Sciots stronghold nationally is California, although there are also Pyramids in Illinois and New Jersey.

TAFC.2009.143 ~ Sciots Fez, Pyramid No. 57

Black Sciots fez.
Black felt, white tassel.
Fez from an unknown./extinct Sciots pyramid. Fez is black with a blue cast to it, and could in fact be a very dark navy. Emblem is embroidered onto a black felt patch which is then sewn to the fez.

The dimension of this fez is somewhat squat. It is a large size (easily an 8), but it is also a very short fez, regardless.

Headband is loose and in pieces. No maker’s mark or emblem visible.

A Christmas 2009 gift from Barbara & Troy Wilson, Josh’s mom & her husband.

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