Masonic Ladies Fezzes

Wait…can women be Masons? No, not in most Masonic jurisdictions. (See the discussion regarding “Clandestine Masons” on the International Masons Fezzes Page!)

But there are many appendant and adoptive organizations within the Masonic family that include (or are entirely composed of) women. The Ladies Oriental Shrine of North America (LOSNA) and the Daughters of the Nile for wives, daughters, and mothers of Shriners. The Daughters of Mokanna, similarly, is attached to the Grotto. There are also two groups for young ladies, the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls (aka just “Rainbow Girls”) and the Job’s Daughters (aka “Jobies”).

Also, there is the Order of the Eastern Star, which is an organization for both Master Masons and their female family members, somewhat equally.

TAFC.2009.145 ~ LOSNA Fez, Awalim Court, Hammond, IN

White Ladies Oriental Shrine of North America fez.
White felt, red tassel.
Embroidered LOSNA emblem and Court name (”Awalim”), with rhinestones set into rather small, red plastic cups over lettering. Cups are reminiscent of the “clear” cups that I believe to be from the 50s, thus my dating of this fez.

Tassel is held by an embroidered/rhinestoned felt flower decoration that is stitched to the fez.

A Christmas 2009 gift from Josh.

TAFC.2011.48 ~ White Fez, El Jebel Temple, Denver, CO

White Shriner or (probably) LOSNA fez.
White felt, black tassel.
Emblem and lettering in mixed metal bullion. Darker bullion is turning green, probably copper. White felt is heavy duty and soft, probably hand made. Interior HAD a small round adhesive sticker printed with a broad circular crescent with a star in the center, probably an export stamp.
There is a pink staining of the felt, dexter to the emblem and across the brow rim over “Jebel.”
Emblem is situated strangely low on fez, nearly meeting the edge of the felt. Mark on cardboard tube indicates a size of 6 3/4. but this seems even smaller than that, it is very small.

El Jebel

TAFC.2011.49 ~ LOSNA Fez, Isis Court, Wheeling, WV

White Ladies Oriental Shrine of North America fez.
White felt, red tassel.
Emblem and lettering in bullion, large red rhinestone at center of star.
I believe that this is an early LOSNA fez, perhaps before they designed their current emblem. Isis Court was the first LOSNA body, instituted in 1903 in Wheeling, WV. Everything about this fez points to that origin, the only question being the use of the Shrine, rather than a different, emblem.
No leather sweat band. Not perforated.
Came in a snug white cotton pouch with  snap flap at the opening.

TAFC.2011.50 ~ LOSNA Fez, Ballut Abyad Court, Albuquerque, NM

White Ladies Oriental Shrine of North America fez.
White felt, rose tassel.
Emblem and lettering in colorful embroidery. Red rhinestones in clear plastic bezel cups on star, knot and hilt. Metal sphinx head.
I believe this to be a LOSNA fez, though it surprises me that the Court would be named after the Shrine it is attached to. (I guess that assumes that this is from Albuquerque! But I did buy it from a vendor in Albuquerque, and it is highly unlikely to be a coincidence.)
A lovely fez in great shape. All the small details seem to point to ca 1940 origin, but uncertain.
Inside, there is a black stamp on the felt, showing a fez inside a circle, with French and Arabic writing around it. Probably an export stamp from a North African country. If it were not for the plastic bezel cups, I would let this stamp push my date approximation back a decade.

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