Masonic Fezzes

Masons may or may not have been the first among American fraternal groups to wear fezzes. When you mention fezzes (and usually have to explain what that is) to the Average Joe, the first thing out of his mouth is something like, “Oh, like those guys in the little cars?” Everybody thinks of Shriners when it comes to fezzes. And rightfully so, I suppose. They are definitely the largest fez-wearing organization today, and were surely in the top 3 at any given time in the last 150 years.

However, even within the Masonic orbits, the Shrine isn’t the only group to wear odd hats with shiny bling all over them. The Grotto, Sciots, most ladies auxiliaries, and a youth group or two have sported the fez, and most still do.

In this area of PhotosAndFezzes, you will find pieces from:

The Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets in the Enchanted Realm (or “The Grotto” for short)

Ancient Egyptian Order of Sciots

AAONMS/AEAONMS (the Shriners, both Prince Hall and so-called “Mainstream”), which I break up into Older/Antique  and Newer/Contemporary pieces

Masonic Ladies Auxiliaries

Masonic Youth Groups

And you will also find sections on non-fez hats for the:

Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite (who wear caps)

Tall Cedars of Lebanon (who wear Pyramids)

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