Knights of Pythias Fezzes

This section of fezzes in my collection is actually an umbrella for the various Pythian orders. There exist fezzes that are linked to the Knights of Pythias proper, though I am uncertain as to how they were used. Were they worn in Lodge? Were they only for parades and public events?

More common that KoP fezzes, however, are fezzes from the Dramatic Order Knights of Khorassan, which was a social side-order of the Knights. Their black fezzes with the tiger face surrounded by the double crescent moons (which is actually one moon, yellow, casting a shadow, purple) are reasonably common. The DOKK female appendant body was the Nomads of Avrudaka, and their white fezzes with a flower-like emblem are possible to find, but more on the rare side.

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