IOOF Encampment Fezzes

TAFC.2009.24 ~ Odd Fellows Fez, Parker Encampment No.3

Purple Odd Fellows Encampment fez.
Purple felt, yellow tassel.
An older fez with bullion lettering and decoration. Emblem is a tent with flaps pulled open, over two shepherd’s crooks. Inner surface of the tent has a fuzzy red thread with has retained its fibers. Encampment precepts are Faith, Hope and Charity, reflected in the letters inside the triple links here.

Inside, shakily hand-written on white maker’s label is the name “Bob Smith” followed by an illegible word, something like “Steekron.”

This was a fez I acquired early in my collecting, completely unaware of the Odd Fellows fraternity. Only while researching for this cataloging did I come across information on the Encampment degrees, of which, I venture to guess,  this may most specifically relate to the 3° Royal Purple. Web search has not turned up conclusive info on this Encampment, possibly from New Hampshire.

2 comments on “IOOF Encampment Fezzes

  1. Jay Pearson says:

    Hello,Thanks for all the information you’ve posted with your collection.I was wondering if you could help me identify a fez I found.Its purple with a gold tassel and says,in gold and black ropelike lettering,Golden Rule No.28.It has the tent with shepherds crooks between the No. and 28.On the inside is a label C.E. Ward Co.Manufacturers of Uniforms and Society Goods,New London,Ohio.I don’t know a thing about these fezzes but sifting thru all the web sites is a learning experience.Thanks for any info you can provide.

  2. That does indeed sound like an Encampment fez, the two crooks crossed over the tent are a unique emblem in fraternal symbology.

    The Golden Rule is the title of the second Encampment degree, and is associated with the quality or tenet of Hope. (Which is a nice idea: if we all lived by the Golden Rule, it would bless the world with a good deal of Hope!)

    Golden Rule Encampment No.28 appears to have been working in Virginia. The only reference I can find is in a book talking about Oddfellows before the Civil War, but the name and number line up, so it’s a good match. Unfortunately, the IOOF Grand Lodge of Virginia website is somewhat sparse, so I’m not certain if 28 is still alive & kickin’.

    If I saw a good picture of the inside of the fez, I could give you a decent ballpark date on it.

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