Trade Unions & Political Parties

TAFC.2009.32 ~ Kenneth Gillig I.A. of M. Dues Booklet

Union: International Association of Machinists
Local: no specific Lodge listed
Card or member number: DD61520
Stamps: 47 pink monthly dues stamps, one blue initiation stamp (June 1955), one blue unemployed stamp (March 1958)
Cover: hardcover, dark Prussian blue
Notes: Originally Mr. Gillig was initiated as a Machinists Helper, but apparently at some later point “Helper” and the associated check-mark were scratched out and “Journeyman” was checked, instead.


TAFC.2009.33 ~ Clinton Houie Teamsters Dues Booklet

Union: International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen and Helpers
Local: Local Union 795, Wichita, KS
Card or member number: none
Stamps: one white/green initiation stamp, six white/blue 30¢ monthly dues stamps, several other months canceled simply with red ink stamps, “4th Teamsters Truck Check” stamp on assessments page
Cover: hardcover, black

Notes: This was my first union object collected. I bought it from Antiques & Things on Central Avenue, just to the east of the 3-story antiques mall, while looking for Christmas presents. I had joined the IWW only a few weeks before.


TAFC.2009.35 ~ J.H. Goldman A.M.W. of A. Dues Booklet

Union: Amalgamated Metal Workers of America
Local: Lodge #1
Card or member number: 419 (card) / 337293 (member)
Stamps: six pink and four dark green monthly dues stamps, two other months noted by hand as paid
Cover: hardcover, dark blue

Notes: Mr. Goldman is noted as being a “Machinist” on the front page. Also see TAFC.2009.40 which notes Mr. Goldman as having the same member number, suggesting that IAM may  be functionally connected to AMWA. Here, that number is only noted somewhat informally in pencil on front page. Uncertain!


TAFC.2009.41 ~ Francis Cherry H.R.E.I.A. & B.I.L. of A. Dues Booklet

Union: Hotel and Restaurant Employees’ International League and Bartenders’ International League of America (AFL)
Local: Bartenders Union 431, Saginaw, MI
Card or member number: none noted
Stamps: Thirty-eight red and white monthly dues stamps, with dark blue year dates printed  on them.
Cover: Soft tan card cover.

Notes: Front cover is embossed with the seal of Mr. Cherry’s local. His craft is noted as being “Bartender.” A small typed sheet is pasted inside, reading, “Dues must be paid on or before date of meeting. A penalty of $.50 will be added for failure to comply with this rule. Regular meeting 3rd Sunday each month 2:00 P.M.  229 N.Jefferson. A I.00 fine for being absent from two consecutive meetings.”

Individual blanks for dues stamps are dated monthly and each contains a phrase or saying: “A smile beats a frown all the time” “Loyalty, Service, Cooperation” “Be proud to say ‘My Union is on the map’” “Get together for job control” “Boost, Don’t Knock” “Your Union, the best ever” “I am a Trades Unionist and proud of it” “A Slacker and a Quitter are twins” “Demand the Union Label” “Do Your Stuff” “Are you doing ‘Your Bit?’” “Unionism is right”


TAFC.2009.44 ~ San Rosko I.A.B.S. & O.I.W. Dues Booklet

Union: International Association of Bridge, Structural and Ornamental Iron Workers
Local: Local 437, Chicago, IL
Card or member number: 154160
Stamps: One green and white Renewal stamp, forty-eight orange and white monthly dues stamps, four Convention Assessment stamps at 50¢ each.
Cover: Hardcover, dark blue.

Notes: Notes in back show that Mr. Rosko was initiated into the union in 1937, reinitiated in 1938. Mr. Rosko is classed as a Shopman, and all of his dues stamps are so marked. Each is canceled with an ink date stamp. Every page is stamped CANCELLED.


TAFC.2009.63 ~ Alex Granauer I.U. of the U.B.W. of A. Dues Booklet

Union: International Union of the United Brewery Workmen of America
Local: Local Union No. 465, Wilkes Barre, PA
Card or member number: 21902
Stamps: One hundred and twenty red and pink 25¢ monthly dues stamps; forty blue and black quarterly (?) 25$ assessment stamps; one red and white Special Assessment McNamara 25¢ stamp; four green and black Anti-Prohibition $1 assessment stamps.
Cover: Hardcover, brown.

Notes: A large booklet. All text is in English in standard type, as well as in German in traditional Prussian font. Mr. Granauer is noted as being born in Germany, March 22, 1874, initiated into the union on July 5, 1908, into Local 163. This is a prized dues booklet. Won on eBay.


TAFC.2009.64 ~ Libby Greenberg ILGWU Dues Card

Union: International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union
Local: #212 Chicago, IL
Card or member number: 542
Stamps: Seventeen red and white weekly dues stamps; one 50¢ “Institutions and Labor Issues”  assessment stamp; one 50¢ Death Benefit assessment stamp
Cover: tri-fold heavy card, yellow
Notes: Probably the most expensive dues card I ever bought. Purchased on eBay. Bidding war, as I recall. Cards from explicitly women’s unions are rare, and the bidding war in which I took part would confirm this.

The ILG is an extremely important union in American labor history.

Wikipedia: “The International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union was once one of the largest labor unions in the United States, one of the first U.S. unions to have a primarily female membership, and a key player in the labor history of the 1920s and 1930s.”

The ILG grew considerably in power and prominence after the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire of 1911, working both within the labor movement and in concert with Tammany Hall, making strides in comprehensive safety and workman’s comp laws.


TAFC.2009.66 ~ Isidore H. Goldman Socialist Party of Bronx County Dues Card

Party: Socialist Party, Bronx County, NYC
Local: 4th Assembly District, Branch 4
Card or member number: none
Stamps: twenty-eight grey and white National Committee dues stamps,  hand cancelled
Cover: heavy card, tri-fold red
Notes: Stamped as admitted into the party April 16, 1918
Mr. Goldman’s address is filled in: 1516 Charlotte St
Signed by Executive Secretary George Ross


TAFC.2009.70 ~ Isidore Goldman I.A. of M. Shop Chairman Card

Union: International Association of Machinists
Local: Lodge No. 463
Card or member number: none
Stamps: no stamps or punches
Cover: heavy, green-yellow card

Signed by JJ McE [illeg], Business Agent.

Notes: Not embossed with IAM seal (“Not official unless sealed”) Documents that Isidore Goldman was Shop Chairman (attends Chairmen meetings, checks members book, tracks wages paid, confers with employer when necessary, notifies union business agency when men are needed, reports on shop conditions) for 1919 (?) at the Blair Tool and Machine Shop.

This is a heavy card with a metal strip running around its outer edge.


TAFC.2009.72 ~ Iowa State Building and Construction Trades Department (AFL)

Union: Iowa State Building and Construction Trades Department (AFL)
Local: Local 566
Card or member number: none noted
Stamps: January, February and March all punched
Cover: Heavy paper card

Notes: One of three such cards for Mr. Masters. Stamped “Building Common Labor Union.” Signed by Harold W. Russell, Secretary.


TAFC.2009.77 ~ Fred Werner D.C.U.B.C. Dues Card


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