Welcome to Photos & Fezzes

It’s been a while (*cough*threeyears*cough*) since I’ve done much with this site, but now I am jumping back in and getting it going again. The biggest change is that I am reformatting the catalog entries, so that there won’t be an individual page for each object. Rather, there will be larger pages that contain multiple entries for each category.

initiation stereocard halfThis means that old entries/pages that people have visited (dare I say “bookmarked?”) won’t be there any more, but nearly all of the same objects will be viewable under the same broader headings. Also, comments left on individual entries will unfortunately be lost. Apologies to the authors.

The menus still work like they used to, but they won’t break out all the way down to particular objects. Easier, and much more tablet friendly, in my opinion.

I hope you enjoy!

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