The Current Hotness

These are my Imperial Order of Muscovites fezzes. The grey fez is an IOM piece, and the orange is a Lady Muscovites hat.

The IOM fez proper I found in a local antique store, the LM fez I recently nabbed from eBay. They are insanely rare fezzes, from orders that are all but forgotten, known only through searches of early 20th Century newspapers. The Muscovites were an unofficial appendant body of the Odd Fellows here in the US, rather short-lived and seemingly always in trouble, whether with the parent body or with money issues. As with many small fraternal orders of that era, the Great Depression ultimately sealed their fate.

It was the collection of the IOM fez back in 2009 that got me really dialed into researching my fez collection and taking it far more seriously.

Two of the pride and joy pieces of my collection!

I actually have not cataloged them yet, for whatever reason, so they have no catalog numbers at this time. Detail images below.


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